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Well, he did, and a goofy New Age religion it is, called, for want of a better word, grokking.
Raymond reported the presence of a handful of belligerent attendees - he called them: "testosterone-pumped twenty- somethings for whom money and Microsoft's survival are so central that they have trouble grokking that anyone can truly think outside the box.
Defining the term "to grok" as "a verb meaning to scan all available information regarding a situation, digest it and form a distilled opinion," the guide goes on to explain that grokking is "just another example of language that percolates from the fiction world into the hightech world and the mainstream.
Miles focuses on the years 1965 to 1971, grokking the immense variety of hippies with an obsessive and encyclopedic attention to detail that has scarcely been seen in American letters since Ishmael's musings on sea creatures in Moby Dick.
It happened in an interesting session titled, Grokking: The Use of Symbols and Body Language in Inference-Making OR How Do I Know All This About You When We've Just Met, in which Ruth McCubbrey had all of us do some of the grokking implied by the second title.