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a leading provider of energy management applications, as one of its first customers - entering a partnership that couples Numenta's Grok streaming analytics solution with EnerNOC's cloud-based software to create opportunities for demand response and increased ability to detect energy efficiency faults and anomalies.
GRoK will be able to use these patented methods on two platform technologies the company is developing.
While maintaining a long view of general trends and future projections remains important, big data tools such as Grok and IBM Watson are enabling large organizations to behave more like agile startups when it comes to quick decision making by supplying quick answers to individual processes, patients and customers.
In the novel, Smith's new religion angers hidebound humans unwilling to grok the goodness of moving beyond traditional families and even traditional property-an unnecessary expedient among true water brothers, who can successfully and unjealously share.
Standard Media International (San Francisco, GA), publisher of the two-year-old Industry Standard: magazine and a company majority--owned by International Data Group (Framingham), MA), has released the premier issue of The Industry Standard GROK, a "special reports publication designed to focus on key growth sectors in the Internet economy.
Young adults transmit secret messages of desperately longed-for submission beneath their consciously expressed frustrations and resentments, but can't be counted on to grok that media celebrities are not, you know, real.
387), "I grok that when apes learn to laugh, they'll be people.
th] stomach of a ruminart), VIRGULES (diagonal printing marks used to separate alternatives), GROK (to understand intuitively).
Chief Creative Officer of Salt Pond John Nieman - Consultant Dennis Ryan - Chief Creative Officer of OLSON Minneapolis Tod Seisser - Founding Partner of Grok Graham Turner - Consultant
xStructure - optimizes the display of XML file structure - Grok - a fully extensible implementation expertise mining framework
In addition to serving as editor in chief to the Over the Air blog, Wellman is Editor-in-Chief for Grok on Google, the only email newsletter that chronicles the Web's leading agent of change.
com received a designation as one of the "50 Most Important Online Stores" from The Industry Standard GROK magazine, an eSilver award from Fast Company magazine for delivering "the outdoor spirit through well-integrated channels" and a five-star rating from Apple's iReview.
Through The Industry Standard, its weekly newsmagazine; The Industry Standard GROK, its monthly special reports publication; TheStandard.