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a coarse fabric of silk mixed with wool or mohair and often stiffened with gum

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As part of GE and KOC's training grogram, 10 KOC mechanical engineers recently completed the extensive competency development training path that covers all rotating equipment technologies as well as control and vibration monitoring systems.
3 are drawn by AIM200 grogram package, in which, the little red dot between two atoms represent a BCP, the bond parameters at BCPs were calculated and listed in the parentheses beside the little red dots, and they are r values, 2r (rc) values and e values from top to bottom.
The documents were a mimeographed statement dated May 1970 issued by the Women's Studies Committee; a press release issued July 13, 1970 on San Diego State College letterhead announcing, "The first complete Women's Studies grogram to be developed in the United States will be operating in the Fall of 1970 at San Diego State College (see Time Magazine, July 6, p.
Kehr also serves at the Freeborn County Statewide Health Improvement grogram coordinator (www.
is the director of the bone health grogram at Children's Hospital Boston.
We would like to acknowledge the financial support of RDA for the preparation of this manuscript as a part of the FTA research grogram (#200803A01081247).
The company produced silk products trimmed with gold and silver, velvet, damasks, grogram, brocades, satins, taffetas, and gold and silver laces [Santos, 2002].
Grog was named after Admiral George Vernon, known as "Old Grog" from the grogram or heavy silk boat cloak he wore while pacing the decks of his flagship.
By paying attention to the tog three longterm success principles, you're now reaping the benefits of a smart, healthy eating grogram and an enjoyable workout routine that pays off in more ways than one.
In engineering mode all functionality of the program is brought forward to the main screen, allowing for complete control of the grogram.