grocery store

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a marketplace where groceries are sold

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Bank of Oklahoma has announced a plan to close its grocery store branches.
We expect to add an additional 9,000 US listings during the remainder of 2013 including some well-known national grocery store chains.
Abu Dhabi residents expressed their concern about closure of grocery stores and small supermarkets in their neighbourhoods on Monday.
The gunman, an alleged former Marine who had been working at the New Jersey grocery store for about two weeks, opened fire inside the Pathmark at about about 4 a.
The grocery store aims to offer customers a good selection, competitive pricing and free shipping.
I like the idea of living on the top and having a grocery store on the bottom,'' said Monte Vista GATE teacher Karen Beddeo.
I felt I was stuck in the grocery store business," said Tadros, who went on to partner with his brother to open more grocery stores.
It was located in the parking lot of an abandoned grocery store, next to an open grocery store's putrid dumpster.
The grocery store, the local health food store, or a side trip to a craft or specialty store will net you all the items needed for creative skin pampering gifts for your loved ones (or yourself) Include the addition of a nice candle and natural incense to help set the mood for bath time.
According to the Laredo Morning Times, David Rivera, the son of a Laredo, Texas, police spokesman, attempted to rob two women near a grocery store drive-through.
In addition, HEB and AMERICAN FORESTS will plant trees affiliated with Texas history in HEB communities to help the grocery store chain celebrate its commitment to communities throughout its marketing area.
Jacqueline Cubici-Gonzalez, a self-professed Interact shopping addict, visits a grocery store Web site once a week to buy meat, vegetables, canned goods and toiletries.
A few days before the Smiths grocery store closed, checkers were stunned by the behavior of three Wal-Mart employees who were scouting the store.
Many people in the '70s were initially leery of bar code technology and did not feel comfortable with its capability to accurately track and report the prices of the items purchased in grocery store and other retail outlets.
Super Pride Markets, a Baltimore-based grocery store chain owned by a man whose career in the grocery business began as a stock clerk, closed in October even though the company once had $47 million in assets and ranked No.