grocery list

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a list of heterogenous items that someone wants

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a list of groceries to be purchased

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Not to worry: online meal planning service eMeals has you covered with weekly menus and grocery lists sent directly to your phone or computer, plus a 10-recipe Back-to-School Survival Guide to help ease the transition.
Based on what the user adds to their meal plan, their grocery list will be automatically generated and itemized to save time and money.
Dr Au said a predetermined grocery list committed shoppers to buy only the foods that were on that list thereby helping them avoid the temptations of unhealthy food purchases.
There's something of an art to writing a grocery list - not to mention reading one.
I agree with everything you said, and you provided me with a grocery list of things we will change.
Our shopper was impressed by her top up shopping experience at Kwik Save's small St Mellons store in Cardiff, which provided all 10 items on her top up grocery list.
There is even a grocery list and a lament about the effects of drinking too much wine.
Medical Center may want to take a grocery list along.
I suppose once you hear "In heaven there is no beer, that's why we drink it here" you cannot help but go through your whole grocery list checking on the heavenly supermarket.
Luckily, almost half of that can be obtained via water-rich foods, which might already be in your refrigerator or on your regular grocery list.
remarks of former Treasury Tax Specialist Christine Turgeon, quoted in "The INDOPCO Grocery List," 93 Tax Notes 320 (Oct.
All the more reason not to forget to put extra peanut butter on your grocery list this season.
It also moves items onto a virtual grocery list after they are finished.
Perhaps we even buy things that are not on our grocery list simply because of the way they are displayed.
The "Save Recipe" button lets readers save recipes to their BigOven recipe box and grocery list, available on BigOven's website and free mobile apps.