grocery bag

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a sack for holding customer's groceries

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And one of the other concerns cited for the banning and regulation of plastic grocery bags is the safety of marine wildlife.
Oregon lawmakers in the upcoming legislative session are poised to move forward on a bill that would ban most plastic grocery bags and require consumers to pay five cents per paper grocery bag they get at the store.
From the stiff-shirt rustle of brown grocery bags, to the light, the
On this side of the ocean, the city of San Francisco has undertaken a unique and ambitious deal with large supermarket chains to reduce by 10 million the number of grocery bags used by shoppers by the end of 2006.
The active, repetitive video images evoke cellular activity as they light up and transform the transparent objects; meanwhile, oranges scattered on the floor could be sacred fruit dropped from a grocery bag.
The list includes estimates based on the costs of needs such as children's running shoes and the peanut butter in a family's weekly grocery bag The MBM is specific and austere.
1 small suction cup (with hook) * 1 large suction cup (with hook) * water (for wetting the suction cups) * 1 plastic grocery bag * medium-size textbooks (5 or 6) * paper and pencil * balance * graph paper
The once near-perfect upstanding paper grocery bag has mostly been displaced by something that is at the same time superior and yet inferior.
THE COMPANY THAT WOULD BECOME TAYLOR-MORLEY Homes began in 1952 with a handshake and a grocery bag full of cash.
And Tony himself saw her carrying a brown grocery bag home one day with apples on top.
Empty one grocery bag at a time and review the food choices as part of a healthy diet.
Later, Trie reappeared with a grocery bag stuffed with money.
Place a clean grocery bag on top of your design and continue ironing.
Retailers and plastic manufacturers say that customers inherently resist change and that it took a few years for Americans to break with tradition and accept the plastic grocery bag.