grocery bag

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a sack for holding customer's groceries

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The TuckerBags pink-ribbon grocery bag is available for retail sale at only $7.
This is our largest and most used paper grocery bag, and we are glad that our customers can now feel good about using it.
Beginning this December, MOM's will be focused on cutting the grocery bags they currently use in half by replacing them with high-quality reusable shopping bags that are designed to be used indefinitely.
Carefully slide turkey, breast side up, into a clean, large brown paper grocery bag.
of stuffed grocery bags, the EZcarry(TM) soft-grip handle has been exposed to millions of people through its launch on QVC in April, selling thousands.
The cost is $2 per grocery bag or $5 per medium fruit box.
And one of the other concerns cited for the banning and regulation of plastic grocery bags is the safety of marine wildlife.
Launched in November to protect low-income families and senior citizens from a minimum 10-cent fee per grocery bag, Reverend English joins a coalition that includes the Baptist Ministers' Conference, DC37, Teamsters Local 237, the Black Leadership Action Coalition , the Bodega Association , the Safety Net Project of the Urban Justice Center , the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council and the American Progressive Bag Alliance in opposing the regressive measure and promoting recycling education programs as an alternative.
Oregon lawmakers in the upcoming legislative session are poised to move forward on a bill that would ban most plastic grocery bags and require consumers to pay five cents per paper grocery bag they get at the store.
Van der Lugt designed a dog food scoop and dish combination, while Stebila created a grocery bag bin that stores plastic grocery bags within the trash can for convenience.
Over the next three months, stores will reduce plastic grocery bag inventories and increase selections of reusable bags for purchase.
Cecil and Raymo find a naked newborn baby in a grocery bag while riding in the park in their semi-prosperous African American neighborhood in Los Angeles.
AFTER a hip operation, social services gave 75-year-old Maureen Hayes (right), of Bournemouth, a grocery bag containing tea bags and some margarine, and left her to fend for herself at home.
I would bring in a grocery bag full of books and receive a few dollars for them.
They're going and a to help with a grocery bag, hold the door for you.