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(usually plural) consumer goods sold by a grocer

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While more and more Americans are shopping online in lieu of going to stores, this trend has not yet hit the retail grocery industry in a significant way.
The company originally offered grocery delivery by taking orders by email and over the phone.
Amazon Prime members and young adults are other groups that are more likely to grocery shop online, NPD found.
Global Food and Grocery Retailing: Market Guide to 2016" provides in-depth detail on the trends and drivers of the Global Food and Grocery Retailing market.
Through the Top Women in Grocery awards program, PG has taken a leadership role in recognizing the critical role women play in the dynamic and vital food industry.
There are coupon kings out there too, but since couponing tends to go hand-in-hand with meal planning and grocery shopping, more clippers tend to be women.
Rounie Cummins, National Director of the Organic Consumers Association, warns potential customers that the dynamic of the "Wal-Martization" of the economy is a one-way street and urges consumers to be educated and to "think--every time you go grocery shopping.
Wong, grocery stores throughout Latin America now accept Web orders paid with foreign credit cards.
Affluent, experienced Internet users appear to be fueling significant growth in online grocery shopping, according to a recent study by Wilton, Conn.
We're Asked at the Grocery Store, But What About Cloth?
CHICAGO -- More men are grocery shopping these days, according to NPD Group.
For a $30 fee, Enterprise Courier's grocery service will shop for a client's specified items - even if that means stopping at multiple stores - and deliver the goods within three hours of receiving the order.
com/research/7vgwz9/food_and_grocery_r) has announced the addition of Canadean Ltd's new report "Food and Grocery Retailing in Asia-Pacific: Market Guide to 2016" to their offering.
Triangle Groceries 2 Go, a grocery delivery business in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, N.
Today, the savvy saver has a staff to clip coupons and do her grocery shopping for her.