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the hulled and crushed grain of various cereals

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Andy left John O' Groats at 8am on Tuesday, May 5 on his Breeze met remarkable S4 GT mobility scooter and eventually arrived in Land's End on Wednesday, May 20.
The first group sets off from Lands End at 5am on June 11 and the final stage should finish at John o' Groats on June 14.
Scottish groats are commonly found in east Ulster and burying money close to a landmark was normal practice during the 14th century, the court was told.
stuffed with calamari, shrimps and hammour in a sea-food mix and orange and lemon zest with hints of saffron, spices and some nuts, served on a bed of mixed green salad garnished with lemon wedges and an interestingly named Etch Salad (Dh 28), again made of groats (type of whole grains), tomato, green onion, fresh mint, tomato paste, olive oil and lemon juice, presented in fine style.
Some people add their name to records kept by the End to End Club at the Land's End Hotel and the Seaview Hotel in John O' Groats and a new End to End counting system will mean more accurate records in the future.
Robert, 65, and Steve, 56, set off from Land's End on June 3 and expect to take 16 days on the specially mapped 1,001-mile course to reach John O' ' Groats.
Some specific topics include modernization of the production of high-purity quartz groats from natural quartz, auto-ignition temperature data for selected ketones, and thermal treatment of new inorganic thermal insulation board based on expanded perlite.
THE 850-MILE route from John O' Groats to Land's End is braved by many a sponsored walker, runner and cyclist.
The Dirty Sanchez star was only meant to ride 874 miles from John O' Groats to Land's End.
Under the banner of HQ Panther Project, fund-raising activities include sponsorship of a 5km fun run and a challenging 900 mile Lands End to John O' Groats cycle ride to be completed in eight days.
You can download your groats or collect them from tourist businesses around the national park.
We are paying 48 cents per pound for whole oat groats.
WEST WALES It's Taff going; LANDS END All revved up; John O Groats Highland whim Pictures: APEX
The second instance comes down to the same thing: A money changer for profit gives Peter in Milan the hundred ducats he needs and receives from the same Peter a month from now their value in Venice according to the money-changing rate of ten pounds of groats that are normally equal to one hundred ducats, however, in the process of exchanging in Venice the value of the money is up at one time and down at another.
How much more disturbing would it be to hear, say, Wilfred Brimley making the same racist claims over a bowl of groats, sober as a judge?