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a person who groans

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While it was our old friend Anon who came up with the groaner of a pun: "Better to have loved a short man than never to have loved a tall.
Tannis Burnett as Alice is a hoot as her groaner laugh lines inspire in every family member a dread-induced rictus and the rote, ``Oh, Alice
And perhaps, on the other hand, because he was blessed with real wit and a sure hand, he never let himself be satisfied with the likes of Mel Ramos's one-joke, groaner girlie images.
CONCERT: Old groaner Van Morrison and the less flamboyant Bill Wyman will be guests of honour at jazz icon Chris Barber's 75th birthday bash show at the Summer Pops tonight.
A Written by Jimmy Monaco and Johnny Burke, The Old Groaner performed it in Sing You Sinners (1938).
WHEN the WWF wanted a new grunt and groaner, they staged wrestling's answer to Pop Idol.
It's appropriate that Mantegna channeled Dean Martin in HBO's ``Rat Pack'' movie - here, he's doing it again, only this time he's dropping groaner quips that wouldn't pass muster in a Matt Helm movie.
And then the punchline was a real waste of time groaner.
As far as I could makeout, a bunch of baddies are trying to reincarnate mummified arch-villain Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo) so that he can do battle with another ancient creep called the Scorpion King (WWF grunt `n' groaner The Rock).
Old Cream warhorse Sunshine Of Your Love gets an airing, along with Tears In Heaven and Change The World but the real joy is a duet with Dylan on the old Robert Johnson number Crossroads, the old groaner and Clapton sparking off each other in an inspirational performance that alone is worth the price of the video.
By George, how the Old Groaner must be ploughing up the graveyard
The return flight's a bit of a groaner, departing at 12:15 a.
Old groaner Neil Young is back in harness with his new album Silver & Gold, an acoustic opus which precedes a definitive anthology of his life's work due later this year.
Kevin LaRue plays former jock and sports anchor Wendell Pierce, who, in a groaner of a scene, explains how he lost his groin in a football game, and Billy Hernandez plays the gay meteorologist.
Ice and foggy patches And all these ads for Xmas week Shoot my blood pressure to an all time peak On the quiet I enjoy being labelled a groaner It's a hobby of mine, I'm a 'black belt' moaner So I grumble while I can, for as the Cockney said I won't be ' Chair and Table' after I'm ' Brown Bread