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a person who groans

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A John Wilkes Booth gag in reference to "Lincoln" was a bit of a groaner, perhaps intentionally, while MacFarlane relied on his alter ego, the cuddly teddy bear from his directorial debut "Ted," to make a crack about a post-Oscar orgy at Jack Nicholson's house.
Wilson's novel about computers gone mad to be a work of Proustian sophistication, but the real surprise is what a groaner it is.
It can be a witty one-liner or a satirical comment through to a Knock, knock-style groaner, we want to hear them.
What the England people like about him as well as his versatility is he is not a moaner or groaner, even when things are not going right for him, and that he is a low-maintenance player who is never any trouble.
While his nasty skewerings of Warhol and Clement Greenberg are left out of the show, Francis Bacon Descending a Staircase, 1979, included here, is a flatfooted groaner that lacks Saul's usual visual audacity.
It's mercifully fresher than the old large-to-small fortune groaner and is thus funnier because it resonates so well with anyone who owns an airplane or who has been remotely associated with anyone who has.
A business columnist, in a wham-bam groaner, wrote glowingly of a professional who had reached the "pinochle" of success in his personal "Alger Hiss" story.
The biggest groaner in the book is Santorum's section on good versus bad culture.
That's exactly the essence of it, take Batman seriously,'' says ``Begins'' director and co-screenwriter Christopher Nolan, whose concept for a dramatic origin story won out over several others to revive the lucrative movie franchise that the reviled ``Batman & Robin,'' with its benippled Batsuit and groaner Arnold Schwarzenegger lines, all but demolished in 1997.
Women "are often prejudiced against other women they envy, for example, those who are more attractive," is one groaner from The Art of Selecting a Jury, published as recently as 1988.
A groaner of a joke about my coastal Massachusetts town: Q: "What did the Winthrop wife say to her disappointed husband?
This may be the real reason why Bing was known to sleep-deprived parents as The Old Groaner.
It would be a groaner, this opening, if not for the arch and caustic skepticism of what follows: "Meanwhile the father thought his wife was seeing through him.
Arguably the last big-studio Groaner was 1972's Fox/WB co-production "Towering Inferno," though one pundit's classic romance is another's "What the heck?
Her jokes are better than that groaner, which was judged best one-liner.