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Synonyms for grits

coarsely ground hulled corn boiled as a breakfast dish in the southern United States


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Why has the amount of grit used been reduced from 40 to 25 gms?
In the Low Country of South Carolina, shrimp and grits has long been a basic breakfast among the local fishing families.
In addition to full fat soy grits, Cargill's offering includes ProFull [TM] full-fat soy flour, Prolia [TM] defatted soy flour and grits, and Prosante [TM] textured soy flour.
Bosacker, you do not get grits ff you so instruct the waitress.
Grits have certainly sustained more than one American family.
For the best finish, maple is usually finished to grit 150 or 180, and sometimes to grit 220.
A GRIT gift is particularly suited to a younger homeowner.
SHIFTING WEALTH GRITS have been dealt a serious blow by the new tax law.
I talked with John Walters, the owner of our store, and he came up with the idea of a world grits festival," says Hunter.
Joe Ferragina, the Company's Exec VP of Sales stated, "We're very pleased to have renewed the apparel license for Grits.
He said: "Over the Christmas period we did 21 grits on priority routes, six were between 26-30 December "The worst was Boxing Day.
In many parts of the American South, grits are considered breakfast food.
To serve: Spoon grits on plate and top with truffle cheese and spinach.
From that, day, until his death in 1965, Dad was teased about knowing the difference between grits and the GRIT newspaper.