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a mill for grinding grain (especially the customer's own grain)

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When the distillery and gristmill are open to the public on March 31, Mount Vernon will hold educational tours to demonstrate the process by which Washington made whiskey.
Conn the court allowed the defendant to irrigate nonriparian land and power a gristmill over the complaint of the plaintiffs, who used the water to irrigate riparian parcels.
Not until the early colonists invented the gristmill was there a more productive grinding method.
The grain was then placed in the octagonal room until it could be transported to his gristmill.
Constant, fleeting and fickle are the grains in the gristmill of the furniture manufacturer.
But it didn't take long for the divorced mother with six children to realize that with her retail experience and entrepreneurial flare, she could turn the 1877 Archibald Gardner gristmill into a furniture and gift shop.
Linker's Mill, another example of vanishing landmarks, shows a red and gray gristmill on the banks of a river.
The motorist suffered a cut to the head in the incident in the grounds of the Gristmill Inn, Chesterton Drive, Sydenham, shortly after 9pm on December 18.
We don't want them put back into the gristmill of Afghanistan.
It had a small river which was used for water power to run a woolen mill and a gristmill, and provided a millpond which was good for swimming.
This gentle canyon northeast of Temple Square was the site of the first gristmill in Salt Lake City.
But I can tell you this: When John Egerton showed up in Madison two days after Erwin's death, he brought me a package of cornmeal personally ground by the Reverend Will Campbell at his gristmill in Tennessee.
Most of the towns had one or more churches, a school, several general stores, a sawmill, and a gristmill.
The water tumbles over three more waterfalls, then flows out of the cave to the spot where Daniel and Squire built a gristmill.