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Once the thighs are cooked, remove from duck fat and press between two lined baking trays with weight on (tinned cans work well) until cool, twist and remove thigh bone and remove gristle form either side.
In a hi-tech fraud run by firms in three EU states, food manufacturers are making bulking agents out of porcine and bovine gristle and bones that help inflate chicken breasts, so that they fetch a higher price.
For I have sunk my teeth into life, into light and shadow, gristle and bone, gnawing like a starved dog.
Bovary ate the gristle from boiled brisket, his wife spilled her glass of orange bitters.
He also incorporated basically the entire decade of the 1950s to create an album from an alternate world where no one ever heard Throbbing Gristle, but instead were raised on doo wop, soda fountain culture and, uh, Black Sabbath.
Children of a certain era used to be told - if they left a piece of gristle or bacon fat on their plate - "think of all the starving people, they could live for a day on that".
Halloween: Corn rows stripped to husk and fibtous gristle.
She writes in "what we have lost,"</p> <pre> I was a little girl once I want to speak this into being soft skull& gristle fallen into the world before I could know to fear to flee before I could recognize the act name it and its owners
Gory images of burger rolls filled with gristle and bones are appearing across the UK in efforts to get children to think about the food they eat.
Lower-body fossils contain incisions created by removing muscle from bones as well as abrasions caused by scrubbing fat and gristle off bones.
His band Throbbing Gristle, formed in London in the mid '70s, minted the genre known as industrial music, setting the template for later acts like Nine Inch Nails.
And last but not least, the Meatpacking District as leading names in the fashion and beauty industries opened shops and boutiques and joined in the fashion party of year amid the grit and gristle of the new, hyper-chic place to be.
So, anything goes including fat, gristle, trimmings and meat scraps removed from bones.
These include Sarah Fuller's "Tonal Structure in French Polyphonic Song of the Fourteenth Century," Gristle Collins Judd's "Josquin's Gospel Morets and Chant-Based Tonality," and Timothy Steele's "Tonal Coherence and the Cycle of Thirds in Josquin's Memor esto verbi tui.