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While the subject matter is powerful and tragic, Michelle says that the first aim of Grist to the Mill is to entertain.
Hence the quagmire in which Prime Minister Boiko Borissov's Cabinet found itself in over Belene has been grist to the mill of Russian and Bulgarian media as well as Belene's opponents.
He thus adds grist to the mill of Internal Market Commissioner Michel Barnier, who launched this debate with a green paper, on 25 March.
If there are tensions there will be gossip and loose tongues, and for the media, that is grist to the mill.
Mr Jamalis words are certainly grist to the mill of those who have been accusing IRSA of playing a wicked role in terms of water distribution.
It would be an immovable blemish on his record, and grist to the mill for Ponting's numerous detractors.
Not a disaster, as every twist and turn in Susan's life is grist to the mill, but Simon's ever-so-perfect gnashers will be grinding away.
In fact, viewing FMQs last week, it was the type of session that would be grist to the mill of those anti-devolutionists who like to refer to the Assembly as a "talking shop".
This might sound like grist to the mill of those criticswho emphasize the novel's interaction with the effects of the Wall Street Crash, but Schutti's point is not about Canetti's critique of inflation.
What began as a discussion of structural Apocalypses rapidly morphs into a field where references to Apocalypse (George Eliot) or even apocalyptic imagery (Darwin) are grist to the mill.
The other distinguishing feature of this collection is how it performs the debates between "pure" objective theory and autocritography in a day and age when autobiographical criticism has become necessary grist to the mill of a fraught and divided feminist body of thought.
As well as being one for the reverse forecast, it would have provided grist to the mill of many an amateur commentator in bars from Cork to Downpatrick, with Slippery Dick no doubt ``coming up on the inside of Foxy Fanny with an irresistible challenge''.
This gives grist to the mill of those who say: "See we told you, what can this woman do?
Joyce's work thus becomes grist to the mill of any emergent, new theoretical paradigm.
Kerry's examination of Goethe's writings, based as it is on using them as grist to the mill of his thesis, is highly selective, as is also his choice of a handful of works.