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a long slender crusty breadstick

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Alessio Ruffoni: The one thing that is unique about Al Grissino is our appetizers and the way in which they are prepared and served.
Stefano Lanfredi Sofia: Al Grissino as a whole brings something entirely new to the market - such as its concept of appetizers and cocktails in the beautifully constructed lounge area, to authentic Italian cuisine.
Alessio Ruffoni: We have already been approached by several investors to open Al Grissino outside Dubai.
The tangy salmon marinated with citrus fruit and yellowfin tuna with turmeric sauce will stir your senses if you are a seafood lover, but ask me and I will recommend their Al Grissino special chicken salad made with greens and topped with croutons and a mature gorgonzola dressing.
Our Recommendations: Al Grissino salad, octopus with potatoes, sliced beef, traditional tiramisu
Dubai -- As Italy is hosting Expo Milano 2015, a six-month mega event under the theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life", Al Grissino Restaurant and Lounge Dubai looks to provide the city's food connoisseurs with a new haven for Italian fine dining at its best.
Al Grissino, which opened up originally in Milan in 1952 as a small trattoria -- or Italian-style eating establishment -- has now become one of the most famous and intricate dining spots in Milan.
Having experienced the exquisite flavours of Al Grissino in Milan, Zahra decided to choose Dubai as the new docking port for exporting the vast expertise, unique flavours and cuisine of the Al Grissino restaurant.
Al Grissino offers both: Genuine seafood from cold 'waters', a superb variety of dishes, Italian chefs, and stunning views from a glass cylindre structure on the 16th floor of Emirates Financial Towers.
Zahra said it was not easy to set up a restaurant with a standard of Al Grissino.
Most of the ingredients used in Al Grissino's cuisine are imported from Italy in order to preserve the flavors and freshness that made Al Grissino Milan successful.
Now we know: It's Al Grissino Restaurant & Lounge, opening on May 10 with chefs Stefano Lanfredi Sofia and Diego Simonetta.