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carnivore of Central America and South America resembling a weasel with a greyish-white back and dark underparts

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Andreas de Salis (1671-1756) (16) era grison, y miembro de una familia que, desde sus origenes en la pequena nobleza del Obispado de Coira, se habia convertido en la mas influyente de las ligas grisas.
Switzerland's fourth official language, Romansh is spoken by around 34,000 people, mostly residing in small mountain towns in the north-eastern canton of Grisons (better known by its German name, Graubunden).
O Conceito de Modularidade e uma convergencia dos conhecimentos da Cognicao Situada (Clancey, 2005; Gibson, 1987; Grison, 2004; Hutchins, 2000; Lave, 1998; Suchman, 1987; Theureau, 2004; Vanzin, 2005) e da Hipermidia Adaptativa e Adaptavel (Brusilovsky et al.
The evolutionary endeavor was co-curated by Sandro Grison and Issac McKay-Randozzi, and supported in part by Vans/Color and Volcom.
Brian Grison is an artist, university drawing instructor, art historian and art critic who lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
Produced by Geoffroy Grison, Fred Bellaiche, Marek Rozenbaum, Itai Tamir.
C'est cependant l'impression de nouveaute qui marque les observateurs tels que Georges Grison, qui note dans le Figaro-Exposition les grandes differences par rapport aux spectacles parisiens (1889a : 23), et Georges Lenotre qui est surtout emu par la nature de la representation qui dement l'image generalement vehiculee du caractere des Indochinois (1889c : 162).
Carnivores included two felids, jaguarundi (Herpailurus yagouaroundi; n=5) and little-spotted cat (Leopardus tigrinus; n=2); one canid, the crab-eating fox (Cerdocyon thous; n=4); one procyonid, the coati (Nasua nasua; n=2) and two species of mustelids, tayra (Eira barbara; n=2) and lesser grison (Galictis cuja; n=1).
Martin, on sabbatical from his post at Christchurch University, will perform works by Chuckerbutty, Bach, Woods, Spicer, Gardner and Grison as well as one of his own compositions.
Such semi-transparent patches have been used before in cueing paradigms (Tipper, Grison, & Kessler, 2003).
Using only the most valuable cuts from the bovine thigh, the meat is air cured and aged according to age-old methods of production from Italy's Valtellina region, as well as from the Grison region of Switzerland across the border.
But the very best of what latter-day spectacle is all about was offered by the Modal Suite of the late and still under-rated Flemish composer Flor Peeters, and in the final flashy French Toccata by Jules Grison, one-time organist of Rheims Cathedral.
Pumas (Puma concolor) were present but rare, while the likely occurrence of the lesser grison (Galictis cuja) has not been confirmed yet (Chehebar 2002).