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Several days elapsed before Wolfert could summon courage enough to prosecute the enterprise, so much had he been dismayed by the apparition, whether living or dead, of the grisly buccaneer.
She had regained her riding habit and calash from the grisly phantom, and was, in all respects, the lovely woman who had been sitting by my side at the instant of our overturn.
Though he had never formally espoused the cause of the barons, it now seemed a matter of little doubt but that, in any crisis, his grisly banner would be found on their side.
It was death he craved for in the hot, burning nights, and death came and sat, a grisly shadow, at his pillow.
As he spoke, Death, a grisly skeleton, appeared and said to him: "What wouldst thou, Mortal?
Here they lay, a grisly family, all these dear departed brothers and sisters of the ruddy clergyman who did his task so speedily when they were hidden in the ground!
Deftly blending classic western violence with macabre humor and terrifying suspense, THE DEVIL'S REJECTS is a shocking portrait of outlaw justice and the soundtrack album is as twisted and fascinating as the film itself -- bringing together '70s rock classics, tracks from long-forgotten rocker Terry Reid, country and blues gems, and a rarity from Banjo & Sullivan, the country duo who disappeared following a grisly murder committed by killers depicted in the film.
Gardai, who were probing the woman's disappearance and had been hunting for Helen since May, made the grisly discovery at around 5pm at the warehouses which are used as a garage and a pallet importers.
Whoopi Goldberg guests as a fostermother whose fostered children seem to have developed an unfortunate habit of being involved in brutal murders, starting with the grisly slaughter of a wealthy New York family.
Peter Krause (``Six Feet Under'') stars as Joe Miller, a cop investigating a grisly double homicide who is given an old motel-room key with bizarre properties: It unlocks any door and transports the owner pretty much anywhere he wants to go.
It all adds up to a wonderful if rather violent read; there are some grisly deaths.
In 1991 the publication of his second book, Frisk, which depicts the grisly murder of a 10-year-old boy, incited a San Francisco faction of Queer Nation to threaten Cooper's life.
Researchers have, however, documented a grisly side to their nature: This strain of prairie dog kills a substantial number of its own young, and the culprits are most often females who have recently had a litter and then attack the youngsters of close kin.
This second successful line of grisly action figures are co-designed by Clive Barker and famed Spawn creator and McFarlane Toys mastermind Todd McFarlane.
The grisly discovery on the Jordanstown Road in Newtownabbey, Co Antrim, was made at 10pm on Tuesday and the frightened kids ran to tell an adult.