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chiaroscuro painting or stained glass etc

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Little did the 17th Century artist of the Chateau de Puymartin know that his exceptional mythological Grisailles, black and white wood panel paintings showing scenes from Greek mythology, would journey to the United States in the 21st Century to be enjoy by Americans in their contemporary homes.
2002, and, more subtly, Nobody's Watching, 2002) gesture toward an ironic form of seriousness through their deeper space and more heavily shadowed, desert-sunset palette, but it's really Mourning Geisha, 2002, and Searching Geisha, 2003, a couple of elegantly concise grisailles (in acrylic rather than the prevailing oil paint), that afford Milroy an opportunity to explore a more somber territory in which humor and incongruiry are not absent but somehow contribute to the predominant restrained melancholy.
It is suggested that Rembrandt may have been influenced by works that he would have seen in the Uylenburgh house, and that his own work, in the form of etchings based on such grisailles, and portraits, which he began to paint in some quantity during his residence with Hendrick in the early 1630s, was directed by the dealer.
But even the so-called grisailles, for all that their reduced tonality" and deliberate echoing of relief carving or intaglios set them apart, hold true to themes adumbrated in the Copenhagen Dead Christ.