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chiaroscuro painting or stained glass etc

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34) Paul Philippot, "Les grisailles et les 'degres de realite' de l'image dans la peinture flamande des 15e et 16e siecles", Bulletin des Musees Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique, n.
The images cement why it was important that some of these purchases were so hard fought for; why certain pieces had to be relinquished in favor of others, like a Cezanne "L'Estaque" sold in order to purchase one of Picasso's powerful grisailles, "The Charnel House" (1944-45); and why Rubin had to be prepared to take up arguments, hold people to their promises, and even in one instance help pay off art thieves.
The basically chronological presentation covers seventeen chapters mostly arranged by period and medium, but some focused more narrowly on such topics as pictures of peddlers, who commonly sold trumps; the d'Esch family of Metz, who used the trump extensively as an emblem from about 1439 to 1535; the seventeenth-century Dutch grisailles of Adriaen van de Venne; and twentieth-century humorous illustrations.
Little did the 17th Century artist of the Chateau de Puymartin know that his exceptional mythological Grisailles, black and white wood panel paintings showing scenes from Greek mythology, would journey to the United States in the 21st Century to be enjoy by Americans in their contemporary homes.
Elsewhere, a preponderance of petite paintings and works on paper--Donald Urquhart's ink drawings of ennui, Benjamin Saurer's diminutive grisailles, Ian Tweedy's studies of archive fever--filled the walls of this awkward gallery with a salon hang of small-scale works that encouraged reminiscence and longing.
But even the so-called grisailles, for all that their reduced tonality" and deliberate echoing of relief carving or intaglios set them apart, hold true to themes adumbrated in the Copenhagen Dead Christ.