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chiaroscuro painting or stained glass etc

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27) Grey Is the Color: An Exhibition of Grisaille Painting XIIIth--XXth Centuries Organized by the Institute for the Arts, Rice University.
Best known for her high intensity use of color, the “Voice (Back to Black) “was a departure - with the use of a grisaille color pallet.
Their topics include exporting art across the globe: the Antwerp art market in the 16th century, second Bosch: family resemblance and the marketing of art, exploring markets for Netherlandish paintings in Spain and Nueva Espa[+ or -]a, auction sales of works of art in Amsterdam 1597-1638, Adriaen van de Vennes's invention of the ironic grisaille, and the art of bookkeeping: Pieter Serwouters (1586-1657) and the status of pictorial accounts in 17th-century Holland.
Arthur is "painting ruined castles on the ceiling" of Mrs Stitch's bedroom (as Whistler had painted grisaille mural decorations in the Gower Street drawing room of Lady Diana Cooper, the model for Mrs Stitch, a few years earlier).
Several of these larger works also bear symmetrically placed, hard edged, opaque shapes of gradated grisaille or purple.
Au fond, la grisaille s'abat sur les combattants en reponse a l'idee formelle qui ouvre l'episode, c'est-a-dire ce deploiement des cent cavaliers sur toute la largeur de l'ecran, qui illustre un instant magnifique de l'epopee ou le peuple resistant donne corps au mythe (1).
She reclines in a goblet, connected intravenously to both water and blood as life sources, and is surrounded by a grisaille mushroom cloud of human and animal faces that are both beautiful and hideous.
F (all women's issue) contagious lyn lifshin drooplits Cinda Wormley grisaille Diane Kruchkow hairable Mary Beyer INCA Anne Waldman meness Joyce Schaunbacher perfumigate Sheila Heldenbrand shellfishness Josephine Clare waisted Maria Gitin G MATCHBOOK NO.
Ignudi overlap grisaille herms and fictive bronze medallions as a dazzling array of quadri riportati panels narrate episodes from Ovid.
Special technical processes included are painted grisaille, champleve, cloisonne, basse-taille and plique-a-jour.
La meme grisaille recouvre souvent les autres acteurs de l'enquete officielle, notamment les juges d'instruction, qui ne parviennent pas a sortir de l'orniere.
Painted in the grey and black grisaille style Picasso reserved for his most serious works, its lack of colour reflects the news reels that inspired it.
Cattle amble along a track across knolls and under grisaille foliage; sharing a drowsy indistinctness with sheep whose fleeces are tousled with the glow of the declining sun.
He uses the grisaille technique, a process of painting entirely in monochrome at first and using a light glazing of colors afterward.
She's watching, intent on a shoulder that might be a mountain, ferned and sheer, that might be heaving over her, her fear fading into a faint stipple in the grisaille, an ochre overlay--a forehead rubbed with a thumb before the dust gets in.