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Available in a number of product types, including toolbox liners, a workbench liner and a floor drip mat, in addition to absorbent mat pads and traffic mat rugs, the Grippy Mat was developed to address the challenges of worker safety in high-traffic work areas, walkways and anywhere slippery floors are a problem.
The middle sector is fast and flowing and the end is all about rhythm and flow - so, as long as the track surface is grippy, I think we're set for an enjoyable first race.
Either Sebastian Vettel or Mark Webber has been quickest in qualifying at all this season's races except in Canada, where they opted to use the less grippy harder tyres to give themselves a better chance in the race.
I gave a trial walk to two styles from Ahnu Footwear: the Dolores ($85), with the look of a ballet flat but a more supportive sole and crisscrossing elastic straps, and the Benecia II ($90), a sturdy, sporty Mary Jane with a stylish suede upper, grippy sole, reinforced rubber toe and easily adjustable closure strap.
For instance, the Grippy Longsleeve--originally designed for football receivers--has been a favorite of hockey players who like the Grippy pattern on their forearms to help keep their gloves in place.
Refinements in rubber formulas and shoe design mean that climbers can enjoy gecko-like adhesion to the coarse, grippy granitic rock at Joshua Tree.
But stay off the Slickrock in the rain or ice, which makes the grippy sandstone truly slick.
With soft 53 Shore A values, GLS adds, the Versalloy TPV provides just the right surface aesthetics in a "soft, grippy material that offers just the right level of surface 'give' to overcome obstacles.
99), light to medium-bodied red with juicy, plummy and blackcurrant fruit and a grippy, peppery finish.
A firmer suspension and grippy 17-inch tires help complete the performance package.
It mates the fat, 26-inch tires of the heavy American bikes of the 1940s and '50s to the lightweight frames, grippy brakes, and plentiful gears of European-derived racers.
There are also several thoughtful variations like CandyShell Flip, which flips back for docking, CandyShell Card with an integrated slot for holding credit cards, and CandyShell Grip, with grippy pads for gaming comfort.
Thankfully, leotards and ballet shoes aren't required for S Virgin Active's new Barre class - you wear your usual workout gear and grippy socks that are supplied.
I'll be riding my grasstrack bike again, which is OK when conditions are grippy but not so great when its slick," said Tom, who will have Rugby's Gareth Williams as his passenger.
The handle is of grippy Canvas Micarta, which retains a good amount of traction even when wet.