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By the light of the fire he crooked his fingers slowly and repeatedly now one at a time, now all together, spreading them wide or making quick gripping movements.
Sleep was welling up and gripping him again, his head was sinking down upon his knees, when he roused with a sudden start.
asked Alleyne, trotting after him and gripping at his jerkin.
He drew himself up to his most imposing stature, gripping the knife and staring hard at the bear.
I can see her now, as I write these lines, a leap in advance, her gray hair flying in thin tangled strings, the blood dripping down her forehead from some wound in the scalp, in her right hand a hatchet, her left hand, lean and wrinkled, a yellow talon, gripping the air convulsively.
This had saved me, for the jam had quickly become too dense for anything more than the mad gripping and tearing of hands.
The gripping fingers of the other hand vanished at the same time, and young Powell staring at the motionless curtains could indulge for a moment the notion that he had been dreaming.
He sprang for me with a half-roar, gripping my arm.
Introduced in 1974, KUNG FU GRIP is marked by soft, flexible, gripping rubber hands, compared to the more traditional hands featured on other G.
Grip Technologies' patented glove treatment involves coating gloves with a formula of polymers that greatly increases tackiness, resulting in improved gripping power.
And, now, tradesmen have even more to celebrate: the new IRWIN VISE-GRIP Curved Jaw (CR) Locking Pliers, featuring a self-energizing lower jaw that delivers three times more gripping power than traditional locking pliers, with absolutely no slipping or stripping.
With four textured gripping arches molded into the base, each cup offers a comfortable, slip-resistant grip--and the strength and convenience that consumers have come to know from Hefty(R) brand products.