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Synonyms for gripe

Synonyms for gripe

to express negative feelings, especially of dissatisfaction or resentment

an expression of dissatisfaction or a circumstance regarded as a cause for such expression

Synonyms for gripe

informal terms for objecting

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No doubt the snipers and gripers would prefer to see our Royals in twinsets and pearls or whalebone corsets -- but that's not Edward's style.
Features range from basic spray functions to units with up to 10 spray and massager selectors with a hose attachement, non-slip gripers and other step-up features.
I know you wish that friendship and goodwill would override all that pettiness and jealousy but quite often the people we thought the most loyal are the biggest gripers and display the most jealousy and ill will.
The gripers are the work units of robots and of manipulators.
The gripers should be directing their gripes at their court-appointed commander in chief, who lied to the American people to get them into the Iraq mess in the first place.
This is a people's parliament and I am telling all the gripers to stop griping.
And when that happens, the whingers and gripers will, at last, be satisfied.