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Synonyms for gripe

Synonyms for gripe

to express negative feelings, especially of dissatisfaction or resentment

an expression of dissatisfaction or a circumstance regarded as a cause for such expression

Synonyms for gripe

informal terms for objecting

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It turns out, however, that Gripe arrives at word-of-mouth power by adding together the friends of one's Facebook friends and the followers of one's Twitter followers.
The argument that anyone would mistake the gripe site for the company's site "is ridiculous on its face," said Levy.
Una alta mortalidad de aves, el sacrificio de animales por causa de la gripe aviar, y los altos precios de los piensos a lo largo del ano han hecho que en muchas areas de Asia afectadas pot la enfermedad, particularmente en Tailandia, Vietnam e Indonesia, bajara la produccion en aproximadamente un tres por ciento.
Because one pilot had written the MAF in the ADB as an engine gripe, and a more experienced pilot changed it to an airframes gripe, I expected to feel a vibration from the rudder flutter.
GRIPE instructional resources consist of greater than 7000 test items and approximately 3000 35-mm transparencies, including gross and microscopic pathologic specimens, as well as a small number of clinical and radiologic images (1400 of which are utilized in image-referenced test items).
In the UK, storage problems came out as the third greatest gripe, picked as No 1 by 12 per cent of participants in the survey.
I read Mark and Hal's June column ("The Editors Gripe .
A second advantage is the potential for providing both the professor and the student the sense that an arguably legitimate gripe has been treated with fairness and consideration.
com or contacting Marianne Gripe at +46 8 697 3427.
A COMMONLY-sold gripe water is being taken off the shelves after fears it may be contaminated with bacteria.
SIR - Rhys Parry is justified in his gripe about our lost history but it does not follow that a Welsh Parliament would rectify the problem (Letters, May 2).
Stennis (CVN-74), our AE shop was troubled by a very perplexing gripe on NK 501.
Your sibs may occasionally get jealous, and don't expect them to be sympathetic when you gripe about the harsh plight of being in the spotlight.
I can't accept the gripe of some extras that the specials are receiving more, after all in any job the more experienced worker gets the better wages.
Maren Gripe is a beautiful woman who is happily married and lives in a remote North Sea fishing village.