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a storyteller in West Africa

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The company manufactures and sells high energy laser optics and etalons under the CVI Melles Griot brand, with the customer base spread across the globe.
commented, "The addition of Omnichrome laser products to the present Melles Griot laser capability broadens our product range considerably.
While Junior Baby emphasizes the history of oppression, discrimination, and prejudice African Americans share - for example, in his serious punning play on the connections between middle passage and middle men - Junior Baby also celebrates the possibilities for black men to be "Breathtaking" griot fathers whose words come from the perspective of a mature black man's moral reasoning, experiences, and desire to demonstrate and teach right(eous) behavior.
Rather, it is lyrical and impressionistic, told, as Dash says, in the manner of a West African griot, or storyteller, "the way an old relative would retell it, not linear but always coming back around.
About CVI Melles Griot: Serving semiconductor, biotech, industrial, commercial, aerospace and research industries, CVI Melles Griot is a leading global supplier of photonics products including optical components and systems, lasers, motion-control systems, laser measurement instrumentation and opto-mechanical hardware.
In entering ancestral time, John Washington becomes, as Jane Campbell has observed, a griot (149), a bearer of genealogies, a teller of tales.
Her articles have either appeared or are forthcoming in such journals as African American Review, CLA Journal, and The Literary Griot.
CVI Melles Griot announces the release of its new 56-CLC series universal laser controller.
En seconde partie de soiree une immersion dans la musique traditionnelle du Sahel, une des regions qui ont le plus inspire le diwan, etait proposee au public du theatre, a moitie plein, par le griot (depositaire de la memoire collective) et musicien malien Bassekou Kouyate et sa troupe [beaucoup moins que] N'goni Ba [beaucoup plus grand que].
Chapter 8, Griot Historiography, addresses the universality of grassroots oral history in word and song.
A Mali native who moved to Paris, Diabate draws upon the Mali music tradition of griot in his resounding, velvet-voiced songs, performed in the Bambara language.
But traditions coming down through the generations are also evident in the way that Kante is just one part of a family of musicians, a reflection of the ages-old griot tradition where whole families would pass down, father to son, the epic histories of their kings and heroes, keeping alive a historical record stretching back much further than living memory.
Le premier presente, dans le detail, un unique episode de l'epopee de Segou, tel qu'il aurait pu etre raconte par un griot en une seance; le second presente des elements tires de plusieurs episodes, qui auraient ete racontes au cours de plusieurs seances differentes.
Mwansa the Great has won the Griot Best Short Film Award at the Tarifa African Film Festival in Spain, the Audience Award at the Vienna Independent Shorts in Austria and Best Directing at the Naoussa International Film Festival in Greece.
Abdoulaye "Djoss" Diabate is a Malian musician born to a famous West African griot family.