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a Latin American (disparaging) term for foreigners (especially Americans and Englishmen)

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Jason Levin, CEO of Dos Gringos began developing the project after noticing an opportunity to provide retailers with a unique resource for Sunflower education, driving interest and increased purchase in the category.
The atmosphere in Gringos is quite chilled, with music playing at just the right level: loud enough to enjoy but not too loud to drown out any conversation.
To conclude the We Must'ache you a Question Campaign Different Perspective will be hosting a Happy Hour event at Gringos Locos, Downtown Orlando, to announce the winner and celebrate the team's efforts.
And yet in truth, we are not gringos but gringAs, a variant that, at its best, bestows an uncanny ability to slip in and out of the gendered space within gringo's semantic domain and, at its worst, traps a person (depending on age and status) in a(n) (a)sexualized body.
THERE was another fantastic finish to the Derby Consolation as the Peter Cronin-trained Hey Gringo just edged out Makeshift in a very tight finish, writes Michael Fortune.
Dos Gringos, a US-based chain of restaurants offering Mexican food, has announced that it is hosting a Cinco de Mayo Music Festival and Raffle at its South Tempe location in Arizona, US.
Few of the credulous gringos who today buy shares in Chinese banks and companies know that they follow in a long tradition of western investment in dubious eastern opportunities.
But by and large, such numbers were created and danced by gringos.
I didn't register to vote so that the government could sell my name to the gringos," fumes barber Lalo Miranda, snipping hair in his downtown Mexico City market stall.
and often referred to by gringos as ``Mexican lasagna,'' provides a fulfilling, shareable, casserole-type offering that has very little in common with familiar Mexican tamales.
TIJUANA, THE MEXICAN border town south of San Diego, isn't exactly known as an incubator for culture, other than the kind of culture gringos explore after downing mucho tequila.
Jorge, Conan's best friend, is a pill-popping, mean-spirited thug with a keen dislike for gringos and gays.
The Gringos fell seven points behind when they conceded a 5-0 in heat two after Troy Pratt, son of Bees boss Colin, collected ex-Bees mascot Paul Clews on the pits turn on lap three after Ritchie Hawkins had already fallen.
In this case, the Webhost Steve attempts to convey the wonders of Mexican bus travel to fellow gringos.
As Marc Edelman notes in his essay on Central American beef exports, catchy phrases began appearing in usually sober academic journals; for instance, "cattle eating the forest," "ground meat for gringos," and "our steak in the jungle.