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Synonyms for grinding

material resulting from the process of grinding

a harsh and strident sound (as of the grinding of gears)

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the wearing down of rock particles by friction due to water or wind or ice

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The pace is grindingly slow, it is wordy and the characters are uninvolving and cold.
It should be crashingly, grindingly obvious that not only is the Bible not the sum total of all possible ideas, but that merely citing chapter and verse each day denies many an easy introduction to the minds of these great thinkers.
After the break Liley was grindingly accurate with his penalties, awarded as Moseley strayed over the offside line in an attempt to stem Doncaster's attacks.
The feminist notion of Gwyneth/Gawain so grindingly Greer is not as innovative as the producers might wish.
What she's about is breaking the grindingly vicious circle which traps low-income families into eating the food which leaves them exposed to illness and a shorter life expectancy.
England's assistant coach is far more concerned that Martin Johnson and co leave the Stade de France tomorrow evening with a Six Nations triumph, however grindingly boring it is.
The process of adopting a baby girl from China was grindingly slow
Maybe a bit harsh when you think of the number of criminals hanging around the streets on bail while the grindingly slow legal process deals with their cases.
It has not, and this complete lack of progress could be considered farcical if it was not so grindingly frustrating.
The UK government's response, on the other hand, has been both woefully inadequate and grindingly slow.
Let us be fair, now; many of these people have hideous, grindingly ugly accents.
It's been grindingly difficult at times, going back to this time last year when we were planning it, getting through to kids who haven't done this sort of thing before the importance of coming to rehearsals.