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Synonyms for grind

Synonyms for grind

to break up into tiny particles

to rub together noisily


to do tedious, laborious, and sometimes menial work

to study or work hard, especially when pressed for time


to treat arbitrarily or cruelly

a habitual, laborious, often tiresome course of action

one who works or toils tirelessly

Synonyms for grind

an insignificant student who is ridiculed as being affected or boringly studious

the grade of particle fineness to which a substance is ground

Related Words

hard monotonous routine work

the act of grinding to a powder or dust

press or grind with a crushing noise

make a grating or grinding sound by rubbing together

dance by rotating the pelvis in an erotically suggestive way, often while in contact with one's partner such that the dancers' legs are interlaced

reduce to small pieces or particles by pounding or abrading

created by grinding

Related Words

shape or form by grinding

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It pleased me that we kept grinding away even though we hadn't started well.
Even in the periods of the game when they were second-best they kept grinding away.
I'm a Birmingham lad so I know how much the club means to the fans and we'll be grinding away until the end of the season to try and improve our position.
Say you're in the middle of mixing your latest creation in the studio when your computer suddenly kicks into gear, noisily grinding away while you're trying to focus on the essence of the sound.
When I think of Paul I think of perseverance and the fact just keeps grinding away at it.
She kept grinding away but was never going to get there.
He continued: "They get results without being at the top of their game by just grinding away while always asking questions of the opposition.
But Slovenia kept grinding away and inside a minute scored twice to seal the points.
Things got even better for singer Alex Turner as he spent the rest of the night grinding away on the dancefloor with his girlfriend, T4 presenter Alexa Chung.
Here she is, raunchily grinding away as she provides a special cheeky lap dance.
I had to push firmly on my arms, which were in contact with the road, to stop my head grinding away.
The work of grinding away 3 to 4 inches of old asphalt and repaving 10 miles is being done in segments to try to minimize inconvenience to the public, Caltrans officials said.
Simply focusing the microscope to illumintate a given slice of a translucent specimen has the same effect as grinding away its upper layers.
When the hard disk is grinding away, Windows 95 is using virtual memory because physical RAM is not available.
To be fair on them, they work hard for each other, they kept grinding away and they got themselves back into the game.