grind down

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rule a country as a tyrant

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The Deftones are something of a slow-burner in the metal world, preferring to grind down their audience over 12 rounds rather than going straight for the jugular in the style of a Lamb of God or Machine Head.
The other semi saw Blonde Fletch grind down Slick Sorento late on for a half length win in 30.
Harvard-Westlake also was able to rotate players in and out to grind down Morningside.
So Sahadi's horseshoer will grind down the toe grabs, leaving intact the protective parts of the shoes, which have bars connecting the back ends to prevent the hooves from spreading on contact.
It can't be ebony, it'll grind down your teeth,'' he said.
Simpson-Daniel saw Gloucester grind down the Ospreys at Kingsholm.
When performed with absolute perfection, even the nollie crooked grind down the 10-stair can get dull after you've seen every guy in the 411 do it.