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There is the grimness of a decaying Berlin pounded by street-quaking shells, misguided Hitler Youth foolishly taking on advancing Russian troops and the bloodied, dying civilians.
FOR nigh on three hours, Sex Traffic had been unrelenting in its grimness.
But Louiso does maintain a respectful view of grief and self-eradication, and knows when to punctuate the grimness with zonky humor and illusory moments of elation.
In contrast with the grimness of these pages, O'Brien's portrayal of the virulently fanatical anti-abortion crusader Roisin is fiercely ironic.
So there it was, the fantasy made reality in all its grimness.
Part political thriller, part love story and part character study, The Lives Of Others is an engrossing movie that really captures the sheer grimness of life in the Soviet state - a land of faceless bureaucrats, grey buildings and crap cars - while never losing sight of the sheer human misery the Stasi unleashed on the country.
Now, at the risk of being hammered into the ground like a tent peg, a damp pitch on the granite grimness of the Yorkshire moors or the midgieinfested Highlands of Scotland seems a tad tawdry by comparison.
Hofton was a seriously good rugby player but there are a number among us who would wonder how he would have taken to the grimness that pervades the game today.
The only character who ever brings a bit of fun to the grimness of EastEnders is in danger of being sucked into the gloom.
MIKE LEIGH'S latest film, ``All or Nothing,'' is full of mournful cellos, sheets of profanity and lives that go beyond quiet desperation into something approaching grotesque grimness.
Despite its enviable proliferation, new Dutch housing often oscillates between Calvinist grimness and kooky theatricality.
In this Venter succeeds brilliantly, and the reader has no problem in following the events, recounted at first quite flippantly and with great bravado but later with considerable seriousness and even grimness, augmented by mental meanderings and dreams which prove almost as oppressive to read as they are convincing in their portrait of his degeneration.
A cheap and incompetent remix of a 60s Fiat, offering grimness of a miserable depth.
Shane (ITV) AFTER the unrelenting grimness of the previous hour's TV, some lightness and humour was needed to send the nation to bed.