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Nana wasn't in the kitchen or the courtyard, but cutting back across the hosh and looking through the grillwork, I saw her in the family room.
The simple, almost unchanged exterior envelope of their homes contrasts with the homes of South European immigrants' homes that invariably exhibit the ethnic nature of the dwellers, as is exemplified by brick arches, grillwork rails, and angel-brick facades.
carpets underfoot (easier to clean and doesn't harbor dust mites or mold); easy-to-access filters and grillwork that can be cleaned; and large mats at entry areas to trap outdoor dirt.
For the trips, Vinas designed a cucha movil, a roofed, open-sided trailer with a grillwork so the dogs can see out but not escape.
Any post, fence, wall or ornamental grillwork is a natural for one or more hanging baskets.
The updated iM3 design, for example, sports a perforated aluminum grillwork over its four full-range, custom-designed 1" neodymium micro drivers.
The cages prevented physical contact between the 2 rodents, but their open grillwork let the fleas hop back and forth.
Alarcon was interviewed by CubaNews for nearly two hours at the National Assembly's official reception room, which is cooled by an Alaska air conditioner and boasts a marble tile floor, cheap furniture, a few potted plants, decorative iron grillwork, framed paintings on the wall and a bronze bust of Jose Marti.
Congress saw that without some type of intervention to contain the Formosan scourge, many properties within the world-famous Vieux Carre would be reduced to the lacy grillwork they're so famous for.
The architecturally minded will notice the purple-tinted windowpanes, gas street lanterns, and wrought-iron grillwork, and no visitor will want to miss the Massachusetts State House, which is recognizable by its beautiful golden dome.
The bricks are coming out, new grillwork is in place and the new amber glass is allowing soft warm light to filter into the mausoleum once again.
After Tipograph visited Morales, a bolt cutter miraculously materialized in his cell, enabling him to cut through his cell window grillwork and escape.
And he drew the most beautiful semis I have ever seen in my life, complete with all the detail, the grillwork, the chrome, all the fancy things on the side.
Christened last November, Acela is a land jet with the nose of a 747 fronting a vast expanse of windowless grillwork that conceals tons of mechanical fury just waiting for a spark from the overhead wire.