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Synonyms for grilling

cooking by direct exposure to radiant heat (as over a fire or under a grill)

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To ensure the festivities are fun, tasty and safe, Weber-Stephen Products LLC, the world's leading manufacturer of outdoor gas and charcoal grills, is sharing their top tips for grilling on Independence Day and all year long.
Speaking about the new ``The Culinary Institute of America: Grilling'' cookbook (Lebhar-Friedman Books; $35), Kamen notes that the 175 recipes (and 100 color photos) go beyond the basics -- and include ideas for grilling quail, game hens, baby octopus, rabbit, swordfish, pineapple, pound cake, a banana split and much more.
None of these recipes sounded remotely appetizing enough to attempt, so I decided instead that nay long-term enjoyment of grilling would be better served by ridding myself of the troublesome raccoon, who now appeared every evening at twilight to carry out his own vision of landscape gardening right across most of the flower beds.
The marinade ingredients don't seem to matter, but if you're grilling, less oil means fewer PAHs because less fat drips on the coals (for recipes,).
Fourth of July is the biggest grilling holiday of the year, and our extensively trained Grill Masters can help America's home grillers become grill heroes at their backyard celebrations," said Kurt Hankins, executive chef at LongHorn Steakhouse.
HOT COALS FAST: Charcoal grilling just got more convenient and faster.
Grilling is clearly here to stay, in part because food from the grill is no longer associated with your dad's burned hamburgers.
These days, grilling is a lot more than tossing a few steaks on the old barbecue.
Paradise Grilling System's originated as Paradise Outdoor Living, LLC in Orlando, FL in spring of 2009.
From ``Weber's Real Grilling,'' by Jamie Purviance.
Winter grilling grew nearly 4 percent in the past two years, according to the NPD study, while the number of households who said they grilled in the summer slipped 3 percent.
We can't wait to introduce the new Patriots BBQ grills at Patriots training camp this week and show the fans that when you're grilling with Team Grill, every day is game day.
The Q 1200 features a generous 189 square-inches of grilling space, porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates that guarantee restaurant-quality sear marks, a push button electronic ignition, two folding work tables and a built in thermometer to help monitor the heat inside the grill.
Sloan recommends using ground chuck with 20 percent fat if grilling outside and ground round (15 percent fat) or ground sirloin (10 percent fat) if cooking burgers stove-top in a skillet.
Professional-Grade Cooking Features Combined with Logo and Colors of Leading Sports Teams Creates Unique Grilling Experience; Available in Patio and Tailgating Models