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Synonyms for grille

small opening (like a window in a door) through which business can be transacted

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grating that admits cooling air to car's radiator

a framework of metal bars used as a partition or a grate

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We were doing the retrofitting, but we also were continuing to install grilles at other campuses because of serious concerns about vandalism,'' Krum said.
According to Korenstein, no additional grilles will be installed until classrooms are retrofitted to meet code requirements.
The immovable grilles were approved by the state architect and city fire inspectors.
Even though they are required for residential bedrooms and for larger buildings, safety latches are not legally necessary on window grilles in classrooms with fewer than 50 students.
It now costs about $180 to install each security grille.
Lynn Roberts, director of maintenance and facilities for the district, brought a model of a security grille equipped with two interior safety latches.
But Wendy Shepherd, a resource teacher at San Jose Street Elementary School in Mission Hills where the grilles already are in place, said she was disappointed that the moratorium was not issued sooner.
So far, the security grilles have been bolted to the outside of windows at 64 schools, the start of a $14 million project, financed by the Proposition BB bonds, that was to include 750 schools.
In most instances, the grilles were being attached to exterior window frames without escape latches.
The installation of the security grilles and whether they constitute a fire concern is something that the district is committed to reviewing and will do so under the direction of school board member Valerie Fields' safety committee,'' Nasarenko said.
Contractors) are continuing to install the grilles at select locations.
So far, the security grilles have been bolted to the outside of windows at 64 schools in a $14 million effort - paid for with Proposition BB bond money - that will eventually encompass 750 campuses.
After receiving complaints about the grilles at two campuses, school board member Valerie Fields, who chairs the district's safety committee, said she would call an emergency meeting to investigate whether they could be equipped with safety latches that would allow them to be opened in the event of a fire or other emergency.
United Teachers Los Angeles Vice President Bev Cook, who has received several complaints from teachers about the grilles, on Friday also called for equipping them with latches.
The security grilles are being installed - and financed with Proposition BB bond funds - at about 750 schools to deter theft and vandalism despite the fact that property crime at schools is declining statewide.