confidence trick

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a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property

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News of this odd confidence racket has arrived in Bahrain just as lawmakers are calling for stiff punishments against grifting people out of money by exploiting their beliefs in sorcery, black magic or jinni.
Area playwright Sylvia Reed's piece about a grifting mother, her young daughter and the "Alligator Lady" in a small Florida town is onstage June 21 through July 1 at Venice Little Theatre's Stage II.
Other sites are less disingenuous, but the writers bring ignominy to their doors by spending an inordinate amount of ink chest-thumping their imagined credentials, then grifting whatever pedestrians who happen upon their site with inane non sequiturs, and insupportable leaps of logic, hoping that fertile imaginations will cobble together some deep meaning where none exists.
Counting the play's pre-Broadway San Diego run in late 2004, Butz has been clowning and grifting across the French Riviera for well over 18 months.
It must encompass innovative behavior in all its significant forms, from technology development and public administration to clever lawyering and lobbying, begging, and grifting.