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You can see pictures from each stage of their journey on their Facebook page 'Sialens Grifter Challenge.
The grifters gave an impression that they were very pious women and asked his wife to bring money and jewellery for reciting some prayer to treat the girl.
The other killer is The Grifter and he enjoys carving astrological symbols into his victims, when his crimes are plotted on a map the image matches perfectly with a constellation.
26, was a gruff-looking man with a pencil mustache -- a former grifter once arrested for real-estate fraud.
Mona, our grifter heroine, has the most preternaturally perfect timing in the novel.
A remake of critically acclaimed Argentinean con artist movie Nine Queens, it casts Reilly as Richard Gattis, a seasoned but small time LA grifter who, taking rookie Diego Lunas on as partner for the day, is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime.
At a prenuptial party, he runs into a suddenly prosperous-looking grifter, Nicky Marsala, whom he has arrested many times.
The fabled Willa Mae Beede, offspring of the hard-luck Beede clan of Durham County, was a white-looking, flee-spirited blues singer and part-time grifter who showed up in Lincoln where her brother and his wife had settled.
Veronica, a con artist, helps the team figure out a way to convince the grifter to stop threatening them.
Lazarillo de Tormes: Anonymous & The Grifter (El Busc n): Francisco de Quevedo: Two Novels of the Low Life in Golden Age Spain
The gang is led by former insurance investigator Nate Ford (Hutton), and his group includes Sophie Devereaux (Bellman), a grifter who uses her acting skills to corner her marks.
A GRIFTER who tricked people into paying hundreds of pounds for laptop cases full of fizzy drinks has been jailed.
Yate's noir thriller Seven Times Lucky, starring New Waterford Girl's Liane Balaban as an Artful Dodger named Fiona who teams with an older grifter, played by American character actor Kevin Pollak.
When his latest scam goes horribly wrong, leaving Jake in debt to vicious crime lord Mr King (Hoffman) to the tune of more than $150,000, the talented grifter attempts the biggest con of his life.
King sends along his henchman Lupus (Franky G) to ensure everything goes to plan, while Jake enlists the services of sexy grifter Lily (Rachel Weisz), whose motives are far from clear.