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Synonyms for grief

Synonyms for grief

mental anguish or pain caused by loss or despair

Synonyms for grief

intense sorrow caused by loss of a loved one (especially by death)

something that causes great unhappiness


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Good Grief was published in 1961, nearly 50 years ago, and is just now being reissued in a new edition for that anniversary.
His daughters Jane Westberg and Jill Westberg McNamara, write that in March of 1961, "he chose to preach on grief, including the stages many people appeared to go through as they dealt with losing a loved one, a job, or something else that was important in their lives.
When we go through any significant grief experience, we come out of it as different people.
I have seen people develop a deeper faith in God as a result of their grief experiences.
55) Saint Lawrence of Brindisi also agreed that Christ's griefs were so many swords "transfixing his heart.
He proclaims, "And how great were the griefs which then pierced the sacred heart of our beloved and divine Savior.
I suffer in it, since it is one flesh with mine, its grief comes back to me.
While maintaining Christ's bodily pain as distinct from Mary's grief, he described the two as so unified by their experience that Mary actually became one with Jesus on the cross.
GRIEF SHARE:a grief recovery program, meets Tuesdays, through July 29, at 7 p.
Grief moor be a primary presenting concern of clients or may form a background to another presenting concern.
Throughout this special section we have emphasized the difficulties caused by the crisis of loss and the experience of bereavement, such as the potential of complicated grief and the special case of parentally bereaved children.
It is critical to keep this positive view of grief in mind when considering best practices in counseling those who are grieving because it treats counseling as facilitating growth rather than simply mending loss.
Holidays are normally a time of good cheer and laughter, but those experiencing profound grief or the loss of a loved one are beset by the opposite of these emotions, often at a magnified effect.
GRIEF SHARE, a grief recovery program, meets Tuesdays, May 20 to July 29, at 7 p.
Weekly topics include "Living with Grief," The Effects of Grief," "Your Family and Grief," "Why" and "Stuck in Grief.