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Synonyms for gridlock

Synonyms for gridlock

a cessation of normal activity, caused by an accident or strike, for example

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a traffic jam so bad that no movement is possible

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WHITE HELL: Commuters on the A174 through Carlin How, left, as the Arctic conditions had East Cleveland gridlocked Pictures by MATT KIRWAN STUCK: More cars on A174 through Carlin How Going nowhere: P8
He added that there should be "smarter thinking" about preventing people continuing to join motorways once they were gridlocked.
A recent study by Rick Hasen shows that the number of congressional overrides has dropped dramatically during this gridlocked period.
THERE'S a bright light for motorists stranded daily on gridlocked freeways.
What the `State of the Region Report' showed us was that our arteries are clogged, resulting in gridlocked freeways, unemployment rates that are consistently one of the highest in the nation, and the highest poverty rate among the top nine largest metro regions in the United States.
In fact, the mayor's plan doesn't address many regional issues stemming from the insanity of encouraging more congestion and pollution in an already gridlocked area by directing travelers from all over the region to LAX.
In a setting where industry stakeholders find it difficult to agree on basic structural and governance reforms, policy reforms and power flows are gridlocked.
Voters grasp that the current hard-left, hard-right gridlocked Legislature is to blame for the $35 billion Gray Davis deficit.
Visitors can also learn how the Bay Area housing market compares to other cities, find the top 10 worst gridlocked freeway stretches, get the projected Bay Area population in 2011 and learn the difference between smart growth and NIMBYism (Not in My Back Yard) in our redevelopment glossary.
Hopefully it will be prior to every home and business in Southern California being destroyed to build more freeways - and all of them gridlocked.
Congestion on Southern California's freeways - already the nation's worst - will intensify and finally come to a gridlocked halt in just a few years unless dramatic steps are undertaken, traffic experts say.
The average commute in Los Angeles - the nation's most gridlocked city - rose in the past decade, according to new 2000 Census figures to be released today.