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an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

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In this multi-center trial, 80 patients were randomized to receive standard of care (macular grid laser or observation) or either a 0.
d) Combination of macular grid laser and anti-VEGF therapy
In June of this year, the study sponsors reported the major findings of this trial, which demonstrated that compared to the standard of care (macular grid laser surgery or observation), patients receiving the implant showed a statistically significant reduction in both macular edema and in the severity of their diabetic retinopathy, as assessed by retinal thickening; a greater proportion of patients with the implant showed improved or stabilized visual acuity; and there was no difference in the incidence of serious adverse events.
Node-based ITU grid lasers are an enhancement to the ANTEC Transplex product offering, which has allowed for future proofing of operators' network architectures by ensuring expandability and upgradeability of current node placements.