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The grey fuzzy theory, which combined the fuzzy theory and the grey theory, takes into account the greyness and fuzzynes of decision making problems, and is more in line with the objective reality of things.
From analyses, they found little difference between the greyness of the identical twins - who share the same genes.
In these days of dull, politically correct, health-obsessed greyness, Irn-Bru adds some life and real soul into an otherwise slightly plastic, predictable category," says Don Williams, chief executive of branding and design consultancy PI Global.
Ten minutes after staring through the greyness a golden light emerges filling the heart with glee - a vacant taxi.
Alison peered closer through the greyness of the net.
One of the first and most persuasive of the movements against prevailing grim greyness was Regionalism.
This could have been a good crime novel, but at 600 plus pages it is overstuffed with research, repetitive and short of humorous interludes that could offset the greyness.
In the present, romantic moonlight is replaced by wan, North Atlantic greyness and unshaven men trudging to the post office to collect their government dole.
A quiet red fury will rise out of the greyness which has covered the nation this last week.
There's colour in the landscape - almost - and yet a greyness, a freshness, a gloom, is everywhere.
It looked as if it would all the way to the first summit, the cloying greyness giving us nothing to look at and a reason just to keep moving fast.
Through this global communication campaign, the Moroccan National Tourist Office uses humour to show gloomy city dwellers that a remedy against greyness and routine exists: going (or going back
We didn't see any blue sky - only rain, wind and greyness which was disappointing.
She said: "What would be helpful is if the law is clari-fied on this front, because there appears to be some greyness in aspects of it.