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Synonyms for greyly

having a grey appearance


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Rocks in the lower part consist in general of mauve sandstones, siltstones and greyly green siltstones interbedded with a few intercalated mud boulder horizons.
NOW, as I creep greyly towards the watery-eyed and blinking years of life, I still throb with desire to pluck from the pavements dropped coins, right down to those of the humblest denomination.
While we listened to the dire economic predictions, while we wrestled with what those who determine the fate of our country should possibly earn in relation to the rest of us, while we embark personally, or once or twice removed, on examinations that will determine the rest of life, when the backdrop should be greyly austere, the reality has been starkly contrasting.
A year later, when I was about to make my second journey to Syria, in order to complete a book of my travels there, I decided I'd go via Antakya, the greyly modern Turkish equivalent of Antioch.
In Venice El Greco learned to emulate Tintoretto's figures, long as a lightning flash of arrows; but in El Greco's rendering they are lifeless, with Tintoretto's musculature greyly dabbled in rather than sharply delineated, as in the swirling ectoplasmic forms in El Greco's Resurrection (Prado) and Vision of St John (Metropolitan Museum).