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common grey wild goose of Europe

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By quantifying and collecting data on hunting activity, weather parameters, agricultural practice, food abundance and occurrence of greylag geese as a measure of competition, we evaluate factors influencing the numbers and distribution of pink-footed geese utilising the stopover site in mid-Norway.
A total of 250 saplings of different species were planted in Garhi Mandu including fruit-bearing trees, which may attract large number of birds, which are visiting every year as passage migrants like Greylag Goose, Northern Pintail, Ruddy Shelduck, Rosy starling, Golden Oriole, and it is expected that over 5 lakh trees will be planted in the year to come.
Photographing these large birds, along with the resident greylag geese and migratory white-fronted and barnacle geese, demands long-focal-length lenses supported by tripods or beanbags to prevent any vibration or movement during exposure.
The history of the breed's development is somewhat obscure, but it is thought that the breed descends from the wild Greylag goose of Europe and Northern Asia.
The reservoir is one of the best birdspotting sites in the Yorkshire Dales National Park and is home to wildfowl such as Eurasian wigeon, teal, greylag geese and Canada geese.
This meat is a bit more wild than Turkey - boar, little muntjac deer and greylag geese feature, as well as home grown vegetables.
The etymologically original meaning of goose first surfaced in the 11th century and, without any distinctive addition or context, the word is applied to the common tame goose--Anser domesticus--which is descended from the wild grey or greylag goose.
And occasional rarity such as greylag goose, red-crested pochard while gulls are found along the coast.
There were greylag geese, mallard and Khaki Campbell ducks, bronze turkeys, partridge pekin bantams and hens and cocks of all colours and descriptions.
Por exemplo, o sexo entre babuinos machos e visto como uma forma de estabelecer aliancas que podem ajuda-los a evitar futuros agressores, assim como os preparativos do menage a trois entre alguns gansos Greylag (anser) e visto como uma maneira de se conseguir mais comida para os filhotes famintos.
Each drawing is afforded more space and the drawings are better organised, exemplified by the Greylag Goose illustration now being housed on the same plate as those of the other grey geese.
If all we did was migrate safely and temporarily like Norwegian Greylag Geese, that would be fine.
Toulouse (too-loos) A large goose descended from the French greylag, the Toulouse goose has a characteristic flat bill and a dewlap extending from the bottom jaw to the neck.
Seasonal patterns of sex steroids determined from feces in different social categories of greylag geese (Anser anser).
The landscaped park, with two ponds and manmade islands has created the perfect breeding spot for the greylag goose.