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Synonyms for greyish-white

of white tinged with grey

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She said live head lice, which are about the size of a sesame seed and range from tan to greyish-white in colour, aren't easy to see because they move very fast.
The chunky greyish-white rock crumbles easily into sand-like grains, allowing it to be worked into any type of soil.
The grubs are greyish-white with five darker lines lengthways.
Ear mites are the most likely cause of itching, causing greyish-white crusts in the ear canals and earlobe.
The long-maned, greyish-white, unicorn-like horse, wildly beating its front legs, fights for its life by biting a spotted, tawny jaguar, which attacks from below with a muscular clawed arm.
They have a greyish-white chevron mark on their backs, and a single longitudinal ridge on the head.
Downy mildews are characterised by a greyish-white or purplish bloom that discolour the leaves of brassica seedlings, cause lettuces to rot and onion leaves to wither.
The wig sports greyish-white hair and is about five inches in diameter.
Your child will feel tired, achy and generally ill, may not like bright lights and may have tiny greyish-white spots in their mouth and throat.
The grubs are greyish-white with five longitudinal darker lines and fully-grown larvae can reach 8mm, the same size as the adult beetles.
The adult beetles have metallic green and purple stripes on the wing cases and thorax' the grubs are greyish-white with five darker lines lengthways