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Synonyms for greyish-green

of green tinged with grey

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It is a useful shrub as it has glossy, wavy-edged, dark greyish-green leaves all year and is fast-growing, reaching around 9ft and thriving in either sun or shade.
These were greyish-green in colour and about 2mm high and 2mm in diameter without any obvious sculptural features.
Another magnificent evergreen shrub in flower now is the male plant Garrya elliptica, with long greyish-green catkins six inches or more in length.
The tuffs contact at some places by a steep lithological boundary with almost horizontal layers of grey and greyish-green terrigenous materials (tuffaceous sandstone, slightly to strongly calcareous sandstone and sandy limestone).
Under the window strips (glazed in heat-reducing green glass), spandrels are faced in rain-screen strips of greyish-green flame-textured slate.
Among the most common is E characias "Wulfenii", a large, rounded bush with greyish-green leaves, with globe-shaped heads adorned with small yellow-green flowers which appear from early spring.
In summer, small, dark pink or lavenderwhite flowers appear on the top of narrow stems among the greyish-green leaves.
x sternii, grown primarily for its foliage, which has greyish-green marbled and more spiky leaves, although it does produce insignificant flowers.
The rough- textured, evergreen leaves are covered in greyish-green felt that makes it look like a giant sage.
In summer, small, dark pink or lavender-white flowers appear on the top of narrow stems among the greyish-green leaves.
There's a greyish-green, slightly slippery layer on the compost in some of my seed trays.
Another popular variety of grass is the Hard Fescue, which originated in Europe and is a perennial, cool season, turf species that has a very fine texture with a greyish-green colour and is well adapted to lower maintenance and shady areas.
8 SEDUM SPECTABILE With its fleshy, greyish-green leaves and screaming pink flowers, this is a magnet for butterflies and hoverflies, bringing some extra-bright colour to your garden in late summer and autumn.
IT'S the Christmas Day moment people dread - when that bowl of soggy, greyish-green balls is passed round the dinner table.