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Synonyms for greyish-green

of green tinged with grey

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AS its name suggests, the greyish-green, divided leaves of Thalictrum aquilegifolium resemble those of Aquilegia.
Its greyish-green leaves make an attractive backdrop for the white flowers which are streaked with crimon-purple.
This quick-growing evergreen bushy shrub has grey-green leathery leaves and, in mild areas, it produces attractive greyish-green catkins from about now until March or so.
Scots pines (Pinus sylvestris) are also available occasionally and the greyish-green needles are longer than any of the others.
The leaves are a gorgeous greyish-green (often marked with pinky patches during the winter) and have a smart cream-coloured edging.
Under the window strips (glazed in heat-reducing green glass), spandrels are faced in rain-screen strips of greyish-green flame-textured slate.
Needles on affected trees change color from the hemlock's natural deep green to a greyish-green, and soon drop off.
Another magnificent evergreen shrub in flower now is the male plant Garrya elliptica, with long greyish-green catkins six inches or more in length.
It is a useful shrub as it has glossy, wavy-edged, dark greyish-green leaves all year and is fast-growing, reaching around 9ft and thriving in either sun or shade.
x sternii, grown primarily for its foliage, which has greyish-green marbled and more spiky leaves, although it does produce insignificant flowers.
The rough- textured, evergreen leaves are covered in greyish-green felt that makes it look like a giant sage.
In summer, small, dark pink or lavender-white flowers appear on the top of narrow stems among the greyish-green leaves.
There's a greyish-green, slightly slippery layer on the compost in some of my seed trays.
8 SEDUM SPECTABILE With its fleshy, greyish-green leaves and screaming pink flowers, this is a magnet for butterflies and hoverflies, bringing some extra-bright colour to your garden in late summer and autumn.
Another popular variety of grass is the Hard Fescue, which originated in Europe and is a perennial, cool season, turf species that has a very fine texture with a greyish-green colour and is well adapted to lower maintenance and shady areas.