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a color or pigment varying around a light grey-brown color

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2): generally pale grey grading to greyish brown dorsally with five broad dark brown bars on side from level of pectoral fin to anterior part of caudal peduncle; bars more or less merging dorsally with broad, irregular stripe on upper side extending from upper rear margin of operculum to middle of caudal-fin base; saddle-like marking (abbreviated bar) ventrally on posterior caudal peduncle; small (about one-half to one-third pupil size) blackish spot on upper preopercle, just behind eye; short yellowish stripe across middle of operculum with dark brownish area just below; fins translucent greyish to blue grey without distinguishing marks.
3 mm SL) faded immediately after death and is uniformly greyish brown in preservative, without markings.
These include stripe (8), greenish brown (9), black (10), diamond palpus (11), black scale (12), golden-yellow (13), green (14), yellow (15), brown (16), pale and dark colour (17), greyish brown (6), grey (18), greyish black (19), and dark mutant (7).
JUNGLE CAT An Asian animal which has a sandy or greyish brown coat with cream under parts,and its ears are easily recognisable due to long dark tufts of hair that grow from them.
Well, that's a lie actually as it's autumn and the sea usually looks a funny greyish brown colour but who cares?
Abdomen slightly elongated, dark greyish brown with pattern composed of four pairs of whitish patches posteriorly and narrow white margins in anterior half.
gaurii most characters of its genital apparatus, but is distinguished by its different aedeagus shape, which presents a more elongate shaft and a smaller ventral spur, and by its yellow or light greyish brown coloration.
2 in SL; colour in life generally light grey to dark greyish brown, including median fins, with dark-edged greenish spot just below lateral-line origin; small juveniles bright yellow with diagonal blue bands on upper head and anterodorsal portion of body, and prominent ocellus on middle of dorsal fin.
Mr Easton is 6ft 1in tall, medium build, with short, greyish brown receding hair and several tattoos.
2002) Horizon Depth Description (cm) Ap 0-24 Dark greyish brown (10YR 4/2) silty clay loans weak coarse subangular blocky structure; slightly sticky and moderately plastic; common very fine and fine roots throughout; common very fine and fine vesicular pores; common fine distinct yellowish brown (10YR 5/6) irregular iron masses between peds; very strongly acid; abrupt smooth boundary; n value < 0.
Each plant has gone brown, often slimy, and is covered in a greyish brown "fur".
Hypopygium brown, including greyish brown anal tube, and as in Fig.
These soils are clayey and dark greyish brown (10YR3/2) with moderate, medium subangular blocky structures showing pressure faces in the Bw2 and Bk horizons.
Abdomen ovoid; greyish brown, with broad longitudinal median white stripe, also with whitish streak along anterior margin reaching to the sides.
Forewing membrane transparent, almost colourless in basal half and very weakly ochreous in apical half; veins yellow in basal half and greyish brown in apical half, apices of veins conspicuously darker, almost black (Fig.