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the sport of racing greyhounds

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In the early 2000s there were plans to build a PS10m stadium for greyhound racing in Middlehaven.
Member for Morwell Russell Northe said this fantastic new facility will make greyhound racing at Traralgon a more intimate and user-friendly experience.
Crosbie might not have been out of place on Sunday among the throng outside, but Kelly was definitely inside being honoured for services to greyhound racing.
It is not surprising then that commercial greyhound racing is now in rapid decline with more and more tracks closing across the country, and evidence from campaigners being revealed about the true horrors happening within this industry regularly hitting the national headlines.
A petition was signed by hundreds of people opposing the return of greyhound racing at the stadium.
However, no amount of placatory language from him or anyone else can alter the fact that the bends at Hall Green, Perry Barr and every other greyhound racing track in the country are intentionally acute, resulting not only in massive centrifugal forces being exerted on the dogs' bodies as they negotiate them, but also a heightened possibility of greyhounds flying out of the bend or crashing into one another at speeds of up to 40mph.
Tradition and heritage no longer play a part in modern day greyhound racing, it is now all about gambling.
At its start it was a profitable venture for the tracks that came to adopt it, but it also has become apparent over the years as more forms of gambling became available, from casino gambling to simulcast wagering--that greyhound racing has been on life support.
We wish them well at a time when greyhound racing is still reeling from the million-poundplus drop in support for prize money from the British Greyhound Racing Fund.
It is also disgraceful that the greyhound racing industry itself is not in the dock, accused of causing the mass-slaughter of the thousands of dogs it callously discards every year, when they are no longer of any use.
Dogs suffer torn muscles, strained tendons and arthritic joints while many US states have banned greyhound racing after discovering mass graves.
To set the record straight, Collins noted some key facts: -- State regulators in Florida aggressively enforce policies of zero- tolerance for drugs in greyhound racing -- a policy that state and national greyhound racing organizations strongly support.
GREYHOUND racing is set to return to Ellesmere Port, after councillors last night rejected a rival application for speedway.
He believes everyone will be onto a winner as top class greyhound racing returns to the Edinburgh area for the first time following the closure of Powderhall in 1995.
Monmore Green Greyhound stadium, home to greyhound racing since the 1920s, has achieved Investors in People status.
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