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Synonyms for grey-white

of white tinged with grey

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Her tips: Brilliant white didn't exist until the 20th century, so stick to shades that fall within the muted white and grey-white family.
He is 5ft 11in, fair, slim with grey-white collar-length hair swept back.
Grossly, cutaneous leiomyosarcomas have a grey-white, whorled appearance on cut section.
Everything is grey-white colour, including the walls and we project images on to them.
Below several hundred feet of grey-white toadstool puff is a much more formless smoke-storm of nasty black.
Yesterday at the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery in El Alamein in Egypt, Camilla gently placed a bunch of tightly-bound cream roses on the two soldiers' grey-white marble tombstones, leaving a handwritten message from her frail father.
He was wearing brown lace-up shoes, brown socks and trousers, a grey-white checked shirt, brown cardigan and a brown leather-type jacket with a sheepskin collar.
Mouth ulcers appear as shallow, grey-white pits with a red border and may occur on their own or in clusters in the mouth.
Every time he turns to speak to his attorney or look at the jury, the flash of deathly grey-white startles me afresh.