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showing characteristics of age, especially having grey or white hair

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Jones presents the habits and habitats of the Australian grey-headed flying-fox.
Flying-Foxes: Australian Night Foresters is an astounding blend of vivid, full-color photography and brief essays about Australia's Grey-headed Flying-fox, a large, furry, fruit-eating bat that plays a vital role in local forest ecology.
As well as the yellow-headed flavissima race that breeds in England, there were blue-headed flava birds from the near Continent at RSPB Conwy and Bardsey, a grey-headed thunbergi wagtail from Scandinavia, also at RSPB Conwy, and the rarest bird, a black-headed feldegg wagtail from the Balkans which spent a day at Cemlyn.
frogs, I regrouped at the thatched tiki bar and added a grey-headed kite
The grey-headed only breeds on one small area--on and around the slopes of Petrel Peak.
New British Antarctic Survey (BAS) research into the movements of the grey-headed albatross has revealed where the birds go when they aren't breeding The results should help reduce the threatened birds' loss to long-line fishing.
The British Antarctic Survey study is the first to show where grey-headed albatrosses go during the 18 months between breeding seasons.
In addition, HeV was isolated from, the grey-headed flying fox (Pt.
The cause was a paramyxovirus which was traced back to a colony of grey-headed fruit bats living near the piggery.
Cinders, a grey-headed flying fox or fruit bat, is pictured here appreciating the value of a good brushing as she cleans her teeth in Sydney, Australia.
Other threatened UK species include wandering, grey-headed, Atlantic yellow-nosed and sooty albatrosses; as well as white-chinned and southern giant petrels.