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Synonyms for grey-headed

showing characteristics of age, especially having grey or white hair

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Then the people thinned away, and, very nearly last of all, a wizened-looking, grey-headed man, carrying a black bag and a parcel, left the platform with hesitating footsteps and turned towards the bridge.
Westwick's sleepless nights; and he especially appealed to a grey-headed gentleman, a guest at the breakfast-table of an English traveller, to take the lead in the investigation.
When this topic flagged, he turned with a smile to the grey-headed gentleman, and asked if he could sing.
I wish the maxim were more generally acted on, in all cases,' said the grey-headed gentleman.
After a murmur of approbation from the other passengers, during which the fastidious lady drank a glass of punch unobserved, the grey-headed gentleman thus went on:
Sabin did not neglect his luncheon, nor was he ever for a moment unmindful of the grey-headed princess who chatted away by his side with all the vivacity of her race and sex.
We behold, with throbbing bosoms, the heroine in the grasp of a proud and ruthless baron: her virtue and her life alike in danger, drawing forth her dagger to preserve the one at the cost of the other; and just as our expectations are wrought up to the highest pitch, a whistle is heard, and we are straightway transported to the great hall of the castle; where a grey-headed seneschal sings a funny chorus with a funnier body of vassals, who are free of all sorts of places, from church vaults to palaces, and roam about in company, carolling perpetually.
The same afternoon brought a grey-headed, seedy visitor, looking like a Jew pedlar, who appeared to me to be much excited, and who was closely followed by a slip-shod elderly woman.
a grey-headed dwarf, well wrinkled, is beyond all suspicion.
Wringing his hands and screaming, he rushed up to the grey-headed old man with the grey beard, who was shaking his head in disapproval.
Flying-Foxes: Australian Night Foresters is an astounding blend of vivid, full-color photography and brief essays about Australia's Grey-headed Flying-fox, a large, furry, fruit-eating bat that plays a vital role in local forest ecology.
Some consider this genus to be monotypic and represented only by the Grey-headed Kite (Leptodon cayanensis) (Grossman and Hamlet 1964, Brown and Amadon 1968, Blake 1977, Sick 1997); others consider the White-collared Kite (L.
As well as the yellow-headed flavissima race that breeds in England, there were blue-headed flava birds from the near Continent at RSPB Conwy and Bardsey, a grey-headed thunbergi wagtail from Scandinavia, also at RSPB Conwy, and the rarest bird, a black-headed feldegg wagtail from the Balkans which spent a day at Cemlyn.
frogs, I regrouped at the thatched tiki bar and added a grey-headed kite
The grey-headed only breeds on one small area--on and around the slopes of Petrel Peak.