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Synonyms for grey-green

of green tinged with grey

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At the time of her disappearance she was wearing a navy blue two-piece Asian suit with a grey-green coloured jacket.
It's as good an edging plant as lavender, producing rich purple and violet blooms on top of arching grey-green stems in summer through to autumn.
The variegated cream and grey-green leaves look striking with the sky-blue flowers.
A strong architectural feature, the rotunda is panelled in pear wood, detailed in polished copper and highlighted by soft grey-green Italian granite flooring.
THIS dense evergreen shrub is best known for the long, slender, grey-green catkins which hang from the bushes in January and February.
elwesii which has broad, grey-green leaves and larger flowers and can flower before Christmas.
This variety is a little less vigorous and has grey-green leaves, which are rose tinted when young, with scarlet and purple flowers.
Mr Wait is described as being between 5ft 6ins and 5ft 7ins tall, of medium build, with grey-green eyes and has greying brown short hair and a moustache.
The glare of this virtual openness and semi-transparency is counterbalanced by the dark grey-green slate flooring and the solid rendered brick walls.
Knautia: If you want a reliable clump-forming perennial for the front of your border, look no further than Knautia macedonica, with its low-growing grey-green leaves and pincushion flowers.
Within days these unfurl into grey-green leaves, each folded round a flower.
It's also fragrant, beautiful and has handsome grey-green foliage.
karataviense 'Ivory Queen', with broad grey-green leaves and dense white flowers which are a good foil for the leaves.
The foyer reads as a simple composition of matte planes-- the vivid burnt orange of the terracotta (actually ceramic), the white, white glass, the grey-green street granite, and blond timber on the revealed surfaces within the lift core.
J Common juniper, juniperus communis, is a slow-growing evergreen with aromatic pointed leaves in an array of beautiful grey-green colours and a range of shapes and sizes.