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of brown tinged with grey

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Our photo shows the PAX Hemnes two-door wardrobe in white and grey-brown for pounds 155 each.
The driver of the grey-brown Citroen Picasso, the bus driver and his passengers were unhurt, but medics needed the doors and roof to be cut off the people carrier to reach the woman passenger, who had suspected back and neck injuries.
On further analysis Mr Peckett found a grey-brown stone about the 'size of a penny and about six pennies thick'.
These PAX Hemnes two-door wardrobes in white and grey-brown are pounds 155 each.
The male has a chestnut-red cap with a white stripe over the eye but the female is a lighter, more uniform grey-brown.
FIELD voles have grey-brown fur and short tails and grow to about 5ins long.
He had dark hair covered by a baseball cap and was wearing a cream jacket, trousers and a grey-brown scarf partially covering his face.
who is wearing a gold-brown tunic over a grey-brown skirt
Finely minced fried collard greens too provide both a nutty and salty accent and the deep emerald color imparts a slight shee n to the otherwise grey-brown wash of the shad roe.
Odd leaves turn a grey-brown, and then it spreads to cover more and more of the tree.
Firstly, you can get grey-brown irregular blotches which gradually spread to cover large parts of the leaves which then wither.
It is supplied in a PC-compatible, multifunctional polymer blend and comes as light grey-brown cylindrical granules.
An exposed ceiling provides a contemporary touch, while dark- and grey-brown checkerboard flooring conjures up an old school vibe.
The newt is dark grey-brown in colour but is covered with dark spots, giving an almost black appearance ?
I HAVE found grey-brown caterpillars with shiny heads lurking in the soil in my veg plot.