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Synonyms for grey-blue

of blue tinged with grey

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The lower end of the expected price range is comfortably ahead of the world record auction price for any jewel, set in December 2008 when the fancy grey-blue Wittelsbach Diamond fetched $24.
com GREY is the new black for autumn and this grey-blue 'mock croc' Marc Jacobs lookalike is bang on trend.
He was wearing a grey-blue hoodie with a navy blue band across the chest.
It grows to around 3ft (36in), producing branching stems of violet-blue flowers with narrow, grey-blue bracts, and is good for using indoors as a dried flower.
The Kenmore HE4t washing machine (shown) comes in three bold new colors drawn from the automobile and apparel industries: neutral metallic champagne, grey-blue Pacific blue, and brick-orange Sedona.
The blue sharks in the sea off Pembrokeshire are grey-blue and have skin covered in tooth-like scales.
He had a shaved head, a pointed nose and grey-blue eyes.
He was wearing grey-blue jogging bottoms, a reddy-orange check shirt and black trainers with a stripe.
Its tall stems are clothed in spiky grey-blue waxy foliage and topped with giant floral heads of yellow-green.
The grey-blue outfit of the second most powerful man in Second World War Germany had been kept in a private Swiss museum.
Rapid breathing or breathing that is distressed * Difficulty speaking * Grey-blue skin - at first this is more obvious in the extremities, such as lips and earlobes * Anxiety * Restlessness * Headache * Nausea/possible vomiting TREATMENT : * Assist the casualty in breathing.
He was wearing a short-sleeved white T-shirt that had grey-blue stripes running down, grey trousers and he had a local polite accent.
An unknown guilt is eating him up like a cancer and a vivid imagination haunts his grey-blue world.
A useful tip is to choose a grey-blue quality acrylic paint in a matt finish for a feature wall.