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Grey plovers (my own personal favourite) breed in the high Arctic - our winterers come from the Russian breeding populations, which nest up on the tundra, but birds that breed in the arctic wastes of North America will spend winter months as far away as South America and Australia.
Variation in individual strategies for space use have been reported for wintering Grey Plovers (Pluvialis squatarola), where individuals are either territorial or non-territorial, and do not change strategies during their lifetime (Turpie 1995).
Doing better than our butterflies, a young marsh harrier flapped up and down the edge of the Ribble estuary, spooking curlews and grey plovers, some pristine in full summer plumage The young creamcrowned raptor seemed cumbersome in flight, lacking the elegance of adult birds, and looked like it could have learnt a few hunting lessons from Marbury's sprawk population.
The American Golden Plover had a lesser frequency of occurrence and lower abundance than the Grey Plover with greatest abundance occurring between November and March, as previously reported for wintering areas in southern Brazil (Lara-Resende and Leeuwenberg 1987, Vooren and Chiaradia 1990).