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The objective of the project is to create a sustainable population of grey partridge in Upper Coquetdale for conservation purposes and to bring pleasure to people through observing them in their natural habitat," said Graham Dixon of Alwinton Farm, which took the lead during the first year of the initiative.
The Game Conservancy Trust as the lead partner for grey partridge recovery, has been consulted by the Government to set new targets - 90,000 breeding pairs by 2010, from a base of 65,000 in 2005.
This gives ground-nesting birds such as skylarks and grey partridge no opportunity to raise young.
I had arrived early and as dawn broke Grey Partridge called from the adjacent field.
THE wild grey partridge - that most iconic of farmland birds - fell victim to modern farming practice.
The RSPB said it was particularly worried about the populations of the turtle dove and grey partridge, which have halved since 1995.
Strengthen the eastern extreme population of the grey partridge (Perdix perdix) in Cantabria;
The Rock Ptarmigan (Lagopus muta) is known simply as Ptarmigan in Europe and colloquially as snow chicken or partridge in North America, where it is the official bird for the territory The ptarmigan is a plump game bird, slightly larger than a grey partridge.
Many birds are on the site such as grey partridge, meadow pipit and skylark.
TONIGHT Colin finds out about the life and times of our grey partridge.
It is pertinent to mention here that shooting of partridges is a regulated sport and the department notifies the partridge shooting season each year for the four species of partridges including See-see partridge, Black partridge, Grey partridge and Chukar partridge found in the province.
These include Peafowl, Grey Partridge, Bush Quail, Sand Grouse, Tree Pie, Golden backed Wood Pecker, Crested Serpent Eagle and the Great Indian Horned Owl.
These include grey partridge, turtle dove and corn bunting, all of which have declined by more than 50%.
They also provide excellent habitat for bird species in national decline such as the grey partridge and skylark.
The conservation charity said Christmas favourites such as the grey partridge, which has declined by 79 per cent since 1980, were facing extinction in Europe.